Capability Statement

Learning Systems Analysis applies systematic procedures to the analysis of training needs
and the design, development and evaluation of training programs...

Capital Projects

Learning Systems Analysis Pty Ltd provides support to major and minor capital projects.


Our Mission

To become the leading provider of flexible and high quality services in the fields of training support analysis, instructional design and instructional technology. 

Company Profile

Learning Systems Analysis applies systematic procedures to the definition of training and training support requirements for major and minor capital projects.  These procedures are based on US Military Standards such as MIL-STD-1388 Logistic Support Analysis and MIL‑STD‑1379D Military Training Programs, as well as modern theories and principles of instructional design.  Experience in major projects includes Joint Strike Fighter, F/A18 Hornet, Airborne Early Warning and Control, Air Defence Ground Environments, Maritime Helicopters, and Undergraduate Military Aircrew Training.

In addition to capital project work, the Company employs academic rigour and hands-on experience to instructional design and the investigation of new and emerging training technologies.  Virtual and constructive simulations are an important focus of the Company with studies conducted into aspects such as Distributed Mission Training and After Action Review tools.

Learning Systems Analysis P/L employs a proprietary training system modeling tool called TANDEM DSS™ (Training ANalysis and Device EMployment Decision Support System).   Data regarding training requirements are gathered through a detailed task analysis process and compared, in TANDEM DSS, with similar data defining the capabilities of generic and specific training system capabilities; for example, actual aircraft, flight simulators and part-task trainers.  TANDEM DSS™ permits detailed options analysis in terms of defined measures of training system performance and effectiveness.  TANDEM DSS™ has been used to model a range of future training systems, including: Strike Aircrew, Tactical Fighter Aircrew, Tactical Transport Aircrew, Maritime Patrol Aircrew, Maritime Helicopter Aircrew and Groundcrew, and Air Defence Command Teams.

Learning Systems Analysis P/L has also worked with civilian research organisations to translate the products of human factors studies into training solutions.  This work has included development of CD-ROM training products related to team performance and hazard perception.